Development Goals

Integrity & Reliability & Agility & Efficiency
Dedicated to Energy-saving and Sustainability

At the beginning of its establishment, Gensheng regards "integrity" as the strategy of long-term management, "people without trust will not stand, industry without trust will not prosper". As a business philosophy, it is reflected in our various business activities and reflects the truth to customers, brokers and investors.

In the aspect of innovation, the company attaches great importance to the construction of innovative talents and innovation system internally, and pays attention to the needs of customers and the pace of development of The Times externally. It not only does a down-to-earth job well at present, but also looks forward to future changes and directions.

In terms of dedication and cooperation, the company will select excellent employees based on their performance every year. In terms of the selection and appointment of cadres, the company will also examine the evaluation of employees in respect of dedication, cooperation and team spirit, so that responsible, willing to work, good at communication and cooperation will be the manager and leader, leading the team to take the lead.

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